Sunday, February 22, 2015

MKG's first Microcerpt

M.K. Gilher posted an excerpt from Chapter 2 of REVIVAL (The elevator scene) on Microcerpt

Please visit, check out the site, like and share.

We're still figuring out the details at Microcerpt. Looks like it's free to start an author page and post excerpts. With a free account, they will share one excerpt a week with their readership. Pro accounts can post unlimited excerpts and get more promotion from the site.

Nicole's first impression: Koobug is much more user friendly, but Microcerpt makes it easier to like and share an excerpt with buttons and links at the bottom of the post. Visit MKG on Koobug to see the difference:

We'll update this post as we learn more about these two sites and any other free book-listing sites.
Here's more about Microcerpt from their website:

Microcerpt (micro-excerpts) is free to join, use and enjoy. It’s a first-of-a-kind network of writing samples that allows readers to discover new authors by searching excerpts via category / genre. There is also a built-in community with groups, profiles, videos, providing connections with other readers and writers.
(The Microcerpt free vs pro features are detailed here:

Why join microcerpt?

READERS: This portal offers the tools to discover new authors. Once you find an author you like, visit their author microcerpt page that will feature all their microcerpts, their ebooks / store, and often an opportunity to connect with the author via appointments. There is also a section in your journal to add book reviews and to create a list of what you are currently reading.
WRITERS: The site gives authors free viral marketing tools to build readership and increase sales by providing audiences the ability to read their excerpts, write book reviews, join book clubs, and to purchase their books and services.

INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: microcerpt also allows Editors, Publishers, Book Reviewers, Writing Coaches, to promote their services and connect with authors via groups and forums. They are also able to charge for services directly on microcerpt. In their dashboard, the feature for selling video conferencing through appointments should be very valuable to these industry professionals.

Can I buy books on microcerpt? Yes. Many of the authors on microcerpt sell their books from their author store. Sales happen directly on microcerpt or are sometimes redirected to other sites such as Amazon. 

"Microcerpt is designed for readers to discover you through your excerpts which will lead them to your Author Page. At that point, they will have the access and opportunity to connect with you in your reader group or on your Journal Page. It can also work the opposite way, as readers can find you in the community and will find access to your Author Page. Your author page and your Journal / Groups work together as a team providing you with the tools to build a strong readership."