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An erotic romance author reviews #fiftyshadesofgrey movie


M.K. Gilher, author of the Return to Us Trilogy, reviews the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

So, to begin: I liked the movie. Hands down. I think they did a great job bringing the book to life. Yes, there were some areas that could've been better, but overall, I liked it.
One thing that bugged me was the scene where he's sliding down her pants for the first time. Maybe it was just me, but did anyone else notice her thighs were not shaved? Ya know, those pesky little hairs at the top of your thighs? Yeah, they were there and on a Mega Screen for the whole world to see. I just wanted to yell, "Someone grab that girl a Bic STAT!" This leads me to a promise to all my fans. I promise if someday REVIVAL becomes a movie I will make sure her legs/thighs are shaved. LOL. 
Next, I wish they had added more of Christian's humor from the book into the movie to make him more relatable. Like when Christian mentions the blood on his sheets after Ana’s de-flowering and how it will give the housekeeper something to talk about. 
As for the actors, I think Dakota Johnson nailed it. Seriously. I liked her portrayal of Ana so much better than the Ana in the book. Dakota made Ana less annoying somehow. She was still naïve, but came across as stronger and more independent. I prefer to read (and write) more mature and self-sufficient women, like Ivy in REVIVAL. 
Now, Jamie Doran. First off, we all have to remember he had like two weeks or something to become an intense fictional character before filming. I thought he nailed Christian Grey. Could he have done better? Absolutely. Did he do a good job? Absolutely. He did a good job for what he was dealing/working with. I can't imagine having a wife and a newborn baby at home and having to go to work only to become a Dominant to some naked actress. Not to mention the pressure of filling Christian's shoes. 
In the end, I'm really happy with the movie and enjoyed the experience. Maybe someday another erotic romance author will blog about a REVIVAL movie. *fingers crossed*

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