Sunday, August 14, 2016

Missing Christian Grey? Get Dr. J... for #free

I'm giving away my first book free because I know you need some goodness in your life right now.
Dr. Jacade Jordan is one hot badass alpha male with dangerous Mafia ties. He's sure to burn up your Kindle and he's ready to take his rightful place as your #1 book boyfriend. Give it a try! It's #free!
Here's what to do:
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3) Leave a review and RECTIFY book two, will magically appear on your bookshelf! Sound like fun? Go for it! You won't regret it. Check out the reviews. Readers love Dr. J. ♡

Free book offer ends Sunday, August 21st @ midnight EST.
Must have a Kindle or Kindle app and leave your Kindle address on the list in order to get the free book

Still not sure? Read this excerpt from REMEDY, book three.

Ivy looks out the window and finds Jacade chopping wood with an axe.

""And another thing." I amble into the kitchen, ready to give Jacade a few more words.
I encounter Jett munching on a bag of chips, his hip propped against the counter, one knee bent and one Converse crossed over the other. Dix lounges at the table like he's hanging out in a ski lodge after a day on the slopes.
"He's outside." Jett tips his head toward the window above the sink.
I take three steps and stand on my tippy toes to peer out the square panes.
I'm not prepared for the sight that accosts me. My beautiful hunk of man stands in a forest clearing like Paul Bunyan. A huge axe sticks up at an angle out of the trunk.
Jacade unbuttons his plaid mountain-man shirt and wrenches his shoulders to work it down his back. He tugs off the cuffs and reveals his sculpted torso.
I'm clutching the edge of the stainless steel sink so hard, my fingers turn white.
Oh my lanta.
His shoulder blades constrict and the descending sun illuminates his vibrant tattoos like wings on an angel. He tugs the axe from the stump and lets it swing by his side.
My tongue dashes out to wet my dehydrated lips. My belly vaults up and lands in my throbbing yaya region.
Need gratification now.
I reach over and snatch the bag of chips from Jett's hand.
"Hey! I was eating those!"
My hand brushes the smooth edges inside the bag until it cups a sizeable amount of chips. Maybe junk food will curtail my starvation for this man. I gaze at my sex god on a stick and shove a mound of Ruffles in my mouth.
Crunch. Crunch.
His waistband droops on his hips below the supple curve of his back. If I climb up on the counter, I could see crack. Would that be too much with Dix and Jett watching?
Crunch. Crunch.
The salt collects in my cheeks and sucks the moisture from my mouth, yet I eat more to reduce my hankering for him. If my mouth weren't so dry, I'd be drooling.
His nipples form brown little buds, and a vein pulses in his neck. They say chopping wood for an hour can boost male testosterone levels by almost fifty percent. Dayum, on Jacade's already astronomic hormone levels, the result is one hundred percent man.
Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
Abs notched into eight flawless checkerboard squares. What I wouldn't give to lay him down and play a wicked game of potato chips versus chocolate kisses on his stomach. At the end, I'd jump his chip with my kiss.
Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
"Wanna share, darlin'?" Jett asks.
"No." Chip fragments fly from my mouth.
Crunch. Crunch."

The Return to Us Trilogy* by MK Gilher
REMEDY Book Three
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