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REMEDY Launch and Giveaway celebration!!!

REMEDY: A Mafia Romance
Book Three of the Return to Us Trilogy
Release day July 27, 2016!

 The trilogy is finally complete!
 All secrets will be revealed.

You'll be shocked and happy.
If you've been waiting to start this hot new series, now is the time!

Join us for giveaways at the Mafia Dream Team REMEDY Launch Party August 10, 2016
Five of the hottest authors in the Mafia Romance genre will be giving away books and prizes!

The Return to Us Trilogy 
Book Three REMEDY coming July 27, 2016! 

(Yes, REMEDY will be available in paperback too. Check for it on release day!)

Sexy alpha-male doctor remedies the past to keep his one true love.

Deals with the devil never work out. Trust me.

At eighteen years old, I gave up the girl of my dreams. For what? To climb the ranks of the most ruthless underground crime organization in Chicago? Not worth it.
A good man would've stayed away from Ivy like I promised to do.
Not me. I took her and sucked her into my cold-blooded world.
She finally loves me, and lord knows I love her.
If my enemies find out her true identity, they’ll kill her.
I should ignore this damn ember of hope she'll be mine, free and clear, forever.
I've spent my life fighting for her. I won't give up now.

REMEDY is the third and final book of the Return to Us Trilogy.
77,500 words (approximately 310 pages)

"He swims to the stairs and carefully removes me from his back, situating me with my knees on the third step and my hands holding onto the pool coping.
"Break time." He lounges on the top step with his calves submerged and his elbows on the slate tile beside the pool.
"How’re you feeling?" He looks into my eyes, and the concern in his voice drenches me in warm honey.
His body sparkles like King Triton on his throne holding his staff. His bruises are fading, and his wounds are healing. I'm so lucky to have this strong and powerful specimen of a man here with me. Gratitude we are both alive makes the suppressed ardor within me rise up. My thirst for him overflows, and I stand so I'm above the water from the waist up. His gaze darts to my saturated--and completely see-through--white lace bra. His eyes darken to iron ore.
I support my weight on the edge of the pool and crawl one knee up to the second step.
His hesitation only reassures my scheme. He wants me. Holding back for more than a week is driving him crazy too.
I raise my other knee to the second step and rub my free hand over the front of his briefs, pointing my fingers downward and squeezing his thickening cock. His hard tip pokes my palm. I bend at the waist and make sure not to show any pain in my face. I lick a salty drop off his neck then run the tip of my tongue to his lips. This must be a saltwater pool because he doesn't taste like chlorine. He tastes like salted caramel.
His hips grind into my grasp. "We can't..."
"My hands aren't broken."
I dip under his waistband and he hisses.
He's fully hard now, and I take my hand from the coping to push his briefs down under his balls. I kiss him so he can't protest and wrap both hands around his giant dick. He dives his hot tongue into my mouth and takes control.
Yes! Finally. I smile into our wet, briney kiss. His tongue is as divine as I remember. Kissing Jacade is like chocolate lasagna--smooth, creamy and insanely delicious."
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Book Two of the Return to Us Trilogy
He's a bad boy plastic surgeon with dangerous mafia ties. Can love prevail?

Even the most talented surgeon can’t rectify a broken heart.
Dr. Jacade Jordan turned my life upside down in less than a week. He came out of nowhere and penetrated my body and soul. This dominating and bewildering man could possibly be my soul mate. But his mafia connection with my ex has put me and my loved ones in danger. I should cut ties now and move on while there's still a chance. I just don't know if I can. I may be in too deep already.
Don’t miss the exciting second chapter in Ivy and Jacade’s passionate love story.

Book One of the Return to Us Trilogy
Goodreads / Kindle / Nook  / Smashwords / iBooks 
Sexy alpha-male doctor fights to the death to shield his true love from brewing mafia war.

All three books in one collection


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“Tell me something. What's your most pervasive fantasy?" He whispers in my ear, "When you masturbate, what do you envision in your mind?"
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