Friday, May 15, 2015

RECTIFY is coming!

It's true! I completed the first draft this week.

I closed myself up in my room and typed. And typed and typed.


Hopefully, now Jacade and Ivy will stop filling my head with their shenanigans and I can get some sleep! No promises though, Jacade's pretty demanding.

I would wake up at two in the morning with chapters playing out in my head. I was an emotional wreck as I was writing, laughing and crying at the same time.
I also have a full-time day job. I looked so beat up in the mornings, I bet my coworkers wondered if I’d joined a fight club or something.

It took me two years to write REVIVAL. That's right, two years. And I'm so happy with the success and attention it’s gotten.

I only gave myself six months to write RECTIFY. I know I’ve I set the bar pretty high. With editing and beta reads still to come, it’s going to be a huge challenge to get RECTIFY done in that time period and make it as great, and hopefully even better than, REVIVAL.
Nicole and I are working feverishly on it now, and if I learned anything while writing the first draft of my second book, it’s that willpower has no boundaries.


I can live without the fame, but I've always been a hard worker, and I’m gonna keep writing like crazy and get this book to you.
Thank you to everyone for your support and patience while waiting for RECTIFY. It’s coming! Hang in there. And big hugs and kisses from Jacade to my awesome Mogul’s Gal who are out there pimping REVIVAL on the street for me. You make me want to keep fighting for Jacade and Ivy and for myself as a writer.

Shout out to: Carolyn Hall Brown, Nicole Angela, Marianne Sand, Mary Williams, Jo Ann Boothby, Lindsey Poage Norwood, Lisa B.T. Harris, Tiffany Leger, Janis Petzold, Iam Lizzie, Angela Parker Dixon, Jessica Gallagher, Becky Scovil, Porchia Gilbreath, Maskatun Damit, Deanna McKinney, and all the other awesome Mogul’s Gals on my street team!

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