Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How do I open a .mobi file on my Kindle?

Actually, you don't.
Mobi files don't open directly on your Kindle.

So the question really is: How do I send a .mobi file to my Kindle so I can open it?

The answer is: email it to your @kindle address.

You send the file as an attachment to the [name] email address associated with your device. You'll need to register your email as an approved sender if it isn't the email associated with your Amazon account.

Here is a link to the Amazon instructions page: Send-to-Kindle Instructions

You and your approved contacts can send documents to your registered Kindle devices by e-mailing them to your Send-to-Kindle e-mail address ([name] Your Send-to-Kindle e-mail address is a unique e-mail address assigned to each of your Kindle devices and free Kindle reading applications upon registration.

How to send a document to your Kindle:

You can also connect via USB and copy the file to your documents folder by using these instructions: Transferring Content via USB

This topic came up because raffles winners of ebook copies of REVIVAL weren't sure how to open the .mobi file on their devices.

You might receive .mobi files when you purchase ebooks directly from the publisher, the author, or other non-Amazon sites. It's handy info to know for when you find yourself with a .mobi file you'd like to read/open.*

NetGalley and some publishers have a send-to-Kindle feature for their books. Just add their email to your Approved Personal Document E-mail List and they can send you books any time.

Wanna try it?
Here is a link to a .mobi file of a 15% sample of REVIVAL by M.K. Gilher:

(Please note that REVIVAL is an adult male/female contemporary romance containing explicit sex scenes and profanity not suitable for children under 18.)

Leave a comment if you were able to send it to your Kindle using the instructions above.

*Never send a doc to your Kindle that you haven't legally purchased or were gifted. This is pirating and can get you in trouble. Making copies of a file and loading it to several devices is illegal too. If you send it to your @kindle address, the book will be in your Amazon library and you can then legally send it to all your devices registered on that account (delivery instructions). You can not legally share a personal document file to friends through Amazon.

**These instructions won't work for DRM protected files.

Amazon has legal Lend or Borrow Kindle Books options for books purchased from Amazon.
You can also Borrow Books from a Public Library

Here are the links to purchase REVIVAL if you enjoyed the sample and would like to read more:


RECTIFY Book 2 August 3, 2015 Goodreads 
REMEDY Book 3 January 2016 Goodreads

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