Thursday, September 24, 2015

RECTIFY Pre-order and Two Cover Reveals!

Book Two of the Return to Us Trilogy
is available for pre-order for December 11, 2015.
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Covers designed by Louisa Maggio of LM Creations
Cover images by Jeff DeHaven of DeHaven Digital Photography

Blurb: Dr. Jacade Jordan turned my life upside down in less than a week. He came out of nowhere and penetrated my body and soul. This dominating and  bewildering man could possibly be my soul mate. But his mafia connection with my ex has put me and my loved ones in danger. I should cut ties now and move on while there's still a chance. I just don't know if I can. I may be in too deep already.
“Lick, sip, suck,” I say against his ear in a seductive, breathy voice.
I lean back and his eyes have darkened. I don’t think he’s following me. "Pay attention, Dr. Jordan. I don't like to repeat myself." The side of his mouth curves up. I bet 
you remember those words. "Order is sugar, shot, then lemon."

"Your turn." Hell yeah.
She crosses her arms and yanks my sweater over her head. Nothing but panties. Damn.
Universe, I promise to repent all my unspeakable sins if you let me worship at this woman's feet for eternity. You can drag me through the dirt or slice my flesh with shards of glass. I don't give a flying fuck. Just let me ingest any agony meant for her. I will do this happily and still kiss the ground she walks on. And with dirt on my lips, I will beg to worship her again and again.
She shoves her left, alcohol-soaked nipple in my mouth
Supposed to be sugar first, darling. But who gives a fuck?

REMEDY Book Three Cover Reveal
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If you haven't read REVIVAL yet, now is the time.
REVIVAL Book One of the Return to Us Trilogy

Sexy alpha-male doctor fights to the death to shield his true love from brewing mafia war.

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